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An Extraordinary Little Art Book with a Big Message: Let’s be honest. We all have our crazy, mad women days, not to mention those days when that even crazier inner critic whispers in our ear. In this beautiful book of 61 art prints cleverly captioned, renowned multimedia artist Vivienne Boucherat has externalized her own internal ‘crazy.’ Through a whimsical lens, she has captured the complexity of universal emotions making us all feel a little less crazy, and a little more connected. Who hasn’t had a bad hair day? Or a bad skin day? Or days when you’ve felt seen or unseen? You’ll laugh in recognition, and perhaps shed a couple of tears, but most importantly you will know you are not alone. For all of our differences, we are all very much the same. This uniquely sized 5”x7” art book is exquisitely produced on museum quality, archival paper. It’s a perfect addition to any art or book collection and it’s a gift that will be cherished for years. An art book created by women for women. Vivienne Boucherat is a visual artist and musician from London. Know Your Crazy was brought to life by Cindy daSilva, an artist manager out of New Jersey, and Rene Harbison, who heads up a production and consulting firm in Austin, Texas. Their intent was to make ‘crazy’ less crazy.


abstract visual art by vivienne boucherat. titled mind fog!
visual art by vivienne boucherat. depicts an angel inside a house. titled learning to be domesticated
visual art by vivienne boucherat. depicts an abstract face and hand. titled external fear
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