Know Your Crazy is an art book for women, by women. It features mixed media art created by Vivienne Boucherat, a visual artist and musician from London and was brought to life by Cindy daSilva, an artist manager out of New Jersey, and Rene Harbison, who heads up a production and consulting firm in Austin Texas. 


We all have our own ‘crazy’, and we each internalize in our own way. We’ve made art come to life using Vivienne’s own little heady, mad women and we have presented it hopefully in a way that each one of you can relate to. Our intent was to make ‘crazy’ less crazy. We hope you’ll share with your friends and that you’ll have some fun, share a few laughs and perhaps shed a couple of tears, but most importantly know you are not alone. For all of our differences, we are all very much the same. 


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