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So, a brief (and rather late) blog for a new year. Welcome to 2020 everyone! I am in the minority I know, but I really do like January in the UK!  It wasn’t always the case, and I know that it’s a really hard month for many people.  After the long manic crescendo of December, January is a welcome change of perspective. The whole of 2019 has been such a busy whirring, creative time, juggling multiple music and art projects. Now that it is 2020, this has not slowed down at all, but there is a ‘quietness’ about January that allows for a bit of focussing at least. I have no more time on my hands, the pace remains, but it feels less restricted somehow, and the cold crystal starry nights have been great so far. January presents us with fresh starts, new opportunities - the cliches are endless - but you can sense a deep-down regenerative force at this time of year. So, even though the short days and lack of natural light can be hard on energy, mood and self-motivation levels, I choose to perceive it as a month of regeneration, preparation and ANTICIPATION. 

I haven’t made New Year’s Resolutions as such for decades now, but January does tend to make me think about the year ahead anyway and this year it feels like a few projects will blossom outwards. I look forward to them getting ‘out there’ and having a life of their own!  If you have made resolutions - I hope they serve you well. Have a brilliant year. So, hands up everyone who likes January!...Or is it just me? 

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