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Blog 20- What’s Going On?

Okay...there is no way I can avoid a mention of the Covid-19 pandemic which has affected all of our lives. Short and long-term priorities and expectations have all changed and our futures will be different in ways that we cannot possibly yet know. 

Only two weeks ago I was still hoping to be able to share my ‘secret project’ with you - but that will continue to live under wraps for a bit 😐 - it does exist though - honestly!

Instead I would like to say ‘hello’ to all of The Zombies and their lovely fans that I will now not be seeing at either of the two events planned for this Spring. Firstly there was the Q&A in the Town Hall, St. Albans, UK, set for the 19th March to herald the opening of an exhibit dedicated to their musical lives. Looking forward to seeing that!

Secondly, there was the cruise! The ‘On The Blue’ music cruise was to leave Miami today (1st April). The Zombies were to be performing and we would have been heading out to the Caribbean - round about now actually!

Terry Quirk and I had a floating Art Gallery planned again. If you look up Terry Quirk on Facebook you can find his description of a ‘virtual cruise’ that we can all imagine and enjoy together instead. He and I collaborated on a poster for it, here is the result:

‘On The Blue’ TQ/VB

In this time we will all be forced to adapt to the new restrictions imposed upon us. Retaining our sense of humour is going to be a priority! Our freedoms, attitudes, relationships and perspectives will all be RE-SET. We will have time to reflect, plan, get around to long neglected jobs, clear out and rediscover our lives in a way that has never been possible before. Not in a way we would choose, but in a way that is unique.  Beyond survival, anything is possible - I heard that Shakespeare wrote King Lear during an outbreak of the plague! (I wonder if this is true!) I won’t talk about it anymore as we are ALL living this 24/7 for the time being, but I wish the very best of luck and love to all of you. And to all fans of The Zombies - see you when the events are rescheduled.  Be creative, be safe and above all, stay healthy.

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