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Firstly, I hope 2021 has been good to you so far.

Personally I seem to be in a permanent state of flux.

I didn’t manage to write a blog for this January but I am trying to settle again.

Last January I wrote a blog about how much I generally enjoy January as a time of fresh starts, quiet regeneration and starry nights. Then, of course, like everyone else I was blissfully unaware of how 2020 would unfold and how we would all get caught in a big net of uncertainty, worry, fear, hope, confusion, isolation and, somewhere in there, cautious optimism, heightened gratitude and a steep learning curve in online communication.

This January feels very different.

In June, Chris and I moved out of London - it had been planned for a few years but finally happened. We stayed with a friend for 6 months (yes, we’re still friends!) and put our belongings in to storage whilst we searched for a new home out west. We found one, and moved in just before Christmas.

Obviously, Chris and I must have been living in the Tardis for the last 24 years rather than a tiny London flat …how else can we explain the world of boxes that we are still surrounded by? We reached the conclusion that it was due to the enormous amount of shelves we built in 1996. We haven’t seen some of this stuff for years!

Meanwhile, in between the stress of moving city once and house twice, work hasn’t stopped and the ‘Know Your Crazy’ project *and ‘The Chris White Experience’ project* have continued to blossom, so my head is a bit scrambled but - wow - it’s beginning to feel simply normal!

(from ‘KNOW YOUR CRAZy’)

I hope you all have a good February, and that this year we will be able to see a bit more of each other in the physical rather than the virtual world.

*You can find out more about the projects at:

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