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There are some truly horrifying things happening in the world right now!

Whether it is… the events unfolding in Afghanistan, the continuing nightmare of Syria, acts of terrorism, human-assisted global warming, the wildfires in Siberia, Canada, Greece and elsewhere, the oceans filled with plastics, the earthquake and storms in Haiti, the covid 19 pandemic, worldwide harvest failures, animal cruelty – let’s face it, the list goes on and on… it feels alarming.

It can be so overwhelming that it causes complete inertia in me, or simply makes me NOT want to be conscious of world news – in any format!

At the same time, I am reminded of the incredible things that humans do on a daily basis - risking their own safety to help others, random acts of love and kindness, people making other people laugh or being actively creative.

And then there are the things of daily nature like birdsong, sunrise, meteor showers, patterns, colours and burgeoning fruit trees.

These things go a long way to ‘balancing out’ the influx of traumatising news.

Balance is the thing!

Even very small actions can affect positive changes in the world and knowing this can help us stay hopeful even when we feel powerless.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. For example, I know that all help doesn’t come in the form of money, but I was really happy to find Cheryl Benton’s compassionate and informative article which told me exactly how I could contribute financially to help especially the women and children of Afghanistan:

‘How To Help Afghanistan’ (Making a Difference – 18th August 2021)

All we can really do is try to improve ourselves personally as humans, be kind and have hope.

I love this quote from the Dalai Lama when I am feeling powerless as an individual:

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito”.

Until October, be well.

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