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For some reason I was shocked to hear on a podcast recently that a staggering 90% of technological advancement over the last 30 years has been ‘geared towards easing discomfort’. I don’t know how to check whether this is an accurate statistic, I don’t even understand exactly what it means!

My first thought was how superficial it is making all of our lives and the fact that technology seems to do nothing but cause constant complications and irritations in my life! I couldn’t decide whether to be wary of that statistic or to embrace it.

I concluded I need to look at both sides, because, though we can ALL can easily spot downsides to this trend, I do listen to music, watch films, do admin work, research, shop, work with images, make music, write, plan travel, communicate, see people all with the aid of new technologies. So, that does increase convenience and therefore, I suppose, comfort.

I am going to leave the darker side of this massive subject out, and simply say a huge thankyou to all the magic people around me who have recently spent a LOT of time down technological rabbit holes to help make a song and video available to the wider world! **

The song is ‘Hold Your Head Up Woman’.

It will be available on digital platforms everywhere on Friday 15th October.

This has become the soundtrack to the whole ‘Know Your Crazy’ project.

It is a digital release and you can pre-save the song here so that it will automatically become live on your Spotify on the day it is released. If you have Spotify it’s easy to do and will really help the track along:

And you can watch the video here:

Know Your Crazy Website:

And there you are! I have used technological advances to ease your discomfort!!

See you after the release!

**Cindy da Silva, Pam Ricklin, Chris Tuthill, Cayla Casler, Jaclyn Cao, ALL the fabulous interns at The Rocks present and past over the last year, Rene Harbison, Matthew White, Jamie White, Chris White, Fiona Bloom, all the singers and all the supporters of the Know Your Crazy book and project.

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