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So, December 2021!

We are at that time of year when many of us are around family much more than usual. For some this is great, for others it creates stress and is to be avoided at all costs. For many, even with the best will in the world the chance of a get-together cannot happen.

As with last year, we are unsure how the continuing pandemic rules and regulations will affect whatever plans we have anyway!

Geographically speaking, families are very far-flung these days. Only 2 or 3 generations back most families would have lived fairly locally to each other - whether they liked it or not. They would have every opportunity to see each other regularly and I assume they would have known a lot more about each other’s lives than we do now. All families have mysteries.

I was lucky enough in October to be part of a big family gathering – there were over thirty of us with ages ranging from late 80’s to 10-year-olds.

It was a great weekend but there was no time to catch up with everybody which was frustrating, and there were people missing from the crowd. The excitement of seeing some was tempered by the sadness at the absence or the loss of others.

So many memories, photographs, and stories. A cousin had put together an extended family tree (on my dad’s side) which was fascinating, revealing, disturbing and an education - all at the same time!

It was emotionally exhausting but a privilege to be a part of.

November brought Remembrance Sunday and had us all remembering and honouring relatives yet again, and remembering that lives were changed or lost and being reminded that there is always a war raging somewhere on the planet. How lucky we are if we live in a peaceful part of the world!

I wish you all peace and love – with or without family – over the Yule season.

Until 2022…

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