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“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”.

(John Lennon: ‘Beautiful Boy’)

Life is a bit fraught for a few reasons right now. Numerous situations demanding my attention are causing that awful feeling of constantly needing to be in several places at once which, as we all know, is impossible. I just can’t catch up with myself!

When exhausted it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed and I’m aware of the potential for a rapid

decline in my resilience and ability to cope with both welcome and unwelcome stressors.

To counteract this, I have become really choosy about where I am getting my daily information and news from. I am keeping myself open and receptive to messages from anywhere - podcasts, books, documentaries, random conversations and even social media – anything that is nurturing and enlightening. I am not watching the daily news on TV or reading the newspapers. I ‘m sure someone will tell me if there’s anything I really need to know!

I love Autumn and am walking in nature every day and swimming in the sea whenever I can,

keeping creative and learning new things to keep myself ‘in the flow’. Acceptance and

gratitude are also going a long, long way.

I have been introduced or re-introduced to some great things recently - different perspectives of life and attitudes towards life’s experiences that remind me to look at the bigger picture.

Here are just a few things that I have welcomed in – they just may be illuminating for you too:

Film: The Fundamentals of Caring – wonderful film – finding humour in the unlikeliest places.

Podcast: Diary of a CEO (DOAC) -

Such a great series of longform interviews by entrepreneur Steven Bartlett. Most recently

listened to episode 25, (25 th September 2023), where Dr. Tara Swart enlightens us about the

impact and behaviours of stress and also mentions ‘neuroaesthetics’, a new field of study

focussing on the effects of including creative activity in your regular schedule.

Book: ‘The Power of AWE’ – I’m still reading this, it’s about mindfulness – but in micro-doses.

Comedy: Bill Hicks. Rewatching his video – Relentless. Fabulous.

I am reminded to make the most of life - and try not to forget that it’s happening whist I am

busy making other plans.

Pass it on!

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