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In the middle of this month, I will be having an art exhibition as part of a festival

dedicated to the band The Zombies - the ‘Begin Here Festival’ in St. Albans.

‘Begin Here’ was the title of their debut album, released in April 1965 on Decca

Records. In the USA the (slightly altered) album was called The Zombies.

St. Albans in Hertfordshire, UK, has played such a major part in all the band

members’ lives. All of them went to school here, there have been births, deaths and

marriages here and now the city is honouring them with an exhibit at the museum.

The (hopefully fabulously sunny) weekend includes a Q&A’s and plenty of chances to

meet and listen to all of the different members of The Zombies and explore their old


Terry Quirk’s and my own artwork will be exhibited throughout at the Collective

Gallery and Art Project Space right bang in the middle of everything up Holywell

Hill and there will be a merchandise stall in the marketplace.

It is going to be so great to see them all in the same place, to remember those that

are no longer with us and celebrate the legacy that the band continue to make.

See - for all the details.

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