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Blog 22A: Living With Art And Music

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

I want to dedicate my next blog to the marvellous Terry Quirk.  I finished it (Blog 22) in the early hours of the morning just before Chris and I got the awful news of his death from Erica, Terry’s wife, on 1st June 2020. Terry would have understood this blog SO well, (as will Erica!) .

It is impossible to put into words how much he is going to be missed. 

He was Chris’ oldest friend and I feel privileged to have become a friend and had the opportunity to work alongside him as a fellow artist. 

As with everyone who knew him – I was so looking forward to more! Bless you Terry, and thanks for the inspiration and love you gave us all.  You will always be in our thoughts and echo in our work.

Chris and I were ‘Quirk’d’ and here they are.

Blog to follow later in the month. 

Love to all of you. 

Viv x

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