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Updated: Jan 2, 2019

The Zombies
Photo by Cat and Bruce Frumerman

Lately I have been putting up 2 pictures a week on Instagram (@VivBoucherat) - they are the 12 individual images I made in 2016, using the songs of ‘Odessey and Oracle’ by The Zombies as my inspiration.

As I said in my last blog, Cindy Da Silva saw them and immediately wanted to feature them in a book - this became the lovely coffee table book - ‘The Odessey’.

To see the book ‘in the flesh’ was a real thrill! We were in New York in March 2017. The current line up of The Zombies had just flown in from the Caribbean, Hugh Grundy from Spain and Chris White from the UK (with me!) and Darian Sahanaja, fresh from a Brian Wilson tour.

New York was bitterly cold. I had a couple of great surprises in store. The first was to see a box of 100 prints of all 12 ‘Odessey and Oracle’ pictures together on beautiful paper.

The second was to see an animation on Cindy’s phone - it was set to Chris White’s ‘Butcher’s Tale’ using my image as the source material! I had no idea it had been made! In fact all 12 O&O songs had been animated by L.A. based artist, Jamieson Mundy. They had all been made to be projected behind the band during their live shows of ‘Odessey & Oracle’.

Even seeing the animation on a small phone screen was amazing – since then, I have seen the films projected many times including onto a screen the size of an apartment block at the Primavera festival in Barcelona, Spain! Then in January of 2018 The Zombies featured on The Moody Blues Cruise - Miami to Cozumel - and there were packs of 12 matte note cards and individual prints on satin paper. THEN there was an exhibition of the original work alongside the great artwork of Terry Quirk.

All SOOO exciting! I have been lucky enough to sing backing vocals live for The Zombies’ Odessey and Oracle gigs, but now my artwork has started to make its own journey too.

I have always loved the crossover area between art and music and, for me, these pictures have been yet another manifestation of that. Thank you Zombies! #TheZombies #OdesseyAndOracle #PortraitOfAnAlbum

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