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Vivienne Boucherat meets Billboard

An exclusive article meant for Billboard's eyes only.  The slew of lyric videos set to original artistic constructions of each song by The Zombies.

The Zombies Premiere Animated Lyric Video for 1968 Classic 'Care of Cell 44': Exclusive

"While a lot of classic bands have gotten back together in the last decade or so, few reunions have been as satisfying as The Zombies. Their stone-cold classic Odessey & Oracle was released in 1968 to lackluster sales and minimal attention (even though "Time of the Season" was an era-defining hit), but has gone on to be celebrated as one of the greatest albums of all time. So to see the surviving original members reteam to tour behind that album -- now given its proper due by the public -- is not only a treat, but an example of an injustice in music history finally being righted."

To left is "She's Not There" re-imagined by Vivienne herself.

Viv Boucherat -- who incidentally is Chris White's [Zombies bassist] wife!

" -- absolutely knocked me out when she first showed us the artwork she had created to illustrate each Odessey & Oracle song for the beautiful book BMG and Cindy da Silva had put together to celebrate our 50th anniversary tour of the album," the group's Rod Argent says. "These pictures were then animated, and I love the results. 'Care Of Cell 44' is a good example; the juxtaposition of fragments of the lyrics ( in my handwriting ) with Viv's original imagery capture the spirit of the song in an imaginative way. This is exactly what works so well each night as it plays behind us on the tour, to create a mood and heighten the audience experience."

Read more of the Billboard article by clicking here!



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